Visit the Haute-Vienne

The Haute-Vienne is known for its Capital: Limoges, City of Art and History, Fire Arts capital. In the heart of France, this "departement" is the source of luxury: enamel, porcelain, stained glass, gloves ... The Haute-Vienne also delight lovers of nature: lakes, rivers, footpaths ...

visuels de Haute-VienneThe Haute-Vienne, known for its ‘Capital of the Fire Arts’, Limoges, is a land where tradition and know-how mingle.
Tradition because the département’s towns and villages have known how to preserve the historic authenticity and character of its buildings created out of stone and wood.
Know-how because the people of the Haute-Vienne have known how to be inventive in creating products that have established their pedigree worldwide: porcelain, enamel, gloves, lace…
The Haute-Vienne is also the pleasure of tasting quality local products: beef, potatoes, walnuts, chestnuts, ceps and chanterelles…
Moreover, the département of the Haute-Vienne has 6 000 kilometres of watercourses and nearly 2000 kilometres of marked trails. Whether on foot, on horseback or on a mountain bike trails are a different way of discovering the département.

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